About us

Kohab is making property co-ownership easy!

For many people, the prospect of owning property is completely out of their reach. Equally those who do own property are weighed down by their mortgage. We’re determined to help solve a global housing affordability and availability problem, and to make owning property easier for more people.

We think the answer is co-ownership, co-investment and co-lifestyle. We’re growing a movement to change the way people think about owning or investing in property.

We are Kohab. The online community that connects like minded people, locally and globally to own together.


Co-ownership. What is it? How to do it right!

Owning property has long been described as “The Great Australian Dream.” But it’s a dream that is increasingly out of reach to so many people - particularly young people, and especially in our capital cities, where property price growth has skyrocketed.

Who is co-ownership for?

Property co-ownership, put simply, is the purchase of a property in partnership with one or more other people. And there are many different scenarios for which co-ownership may be an appealing option.