What is a co-ownership agreement and why do you need one?When purchasing a property with a third party, you need a document that details and regulates the ongoing rights and obligations of each party. This document is called a
“co-ownership agreement”.

This is crucial to protecting your rights in relation to the property and will create the ‘rules’ regarding various aspects including living in the property, how a party may sell or dispose of their share in the property, and what happens if one party passes away. The co-ownership agreement regulates these matters and more, assisting parties to effectively navigate any future changes.

Co-Ownership agreement price is $660 (incl GST)


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Co-ownership. What is it? How to do it right!

Owning property has long been described as “The Great Australian Dream.” But it’s a dream that is increasingly out of reach to so many people - particularly young people, and especially in our capital cities, where property price growth has skyrocketed.

Who is co-ownership for?

Property co-ownership, put simply, is the purchase of a property in partnership with one or more other people. And there are many different scenarios for which co-ownership may be an appealing option.