Co-ownership. What is it? How to do it right!

Owning property has long been described as “The Great Australian Dream.” But it’s a dream that is increasingly out of reach to so many people - particularly young people, and especially in our capital cities, where property price growth has skyrocketed.

Who is co-ownership for?

Property co-ownership, put simply, is the purchase of a property in partnership with one or more other people. And there are many different scenarios for which co-ownership may be an appealing option.

Co-owning a Holiday Home – the Right Way

For those who’ve already achieved the great Australian dream, the next step is surely the dream of a holiday home.

Co-ownership - making property more accessible & affordable

It’s sobering to think you might never afford a home in the city you were born in, but with Sydney house prices only set to rise (the average house price in Sydney crept over $1.1M in July 2017) property ownership is slipping out of reach for many Australians.

New to Kohab? Let us guide you through the process

If you’re new to Kohab, you’re probably wondering what we’re all about. The answer: We’re a growing community of buyers, sellers and experts in co-ownership.

If you can rent, then why not co-own?

Anyone who aspires to the dream of home ownership, can sometimes feel trapped in a rental cycle, needing to rent in the area for work or lifestyle but can’t afford to buy. So how can you make that leap?

Saving the Australian Dream - Co-owning with Family or Friends

In Australia, we're obsessed with property. It’s in our DNA. The expectation to own our own home like our parents did is a dream shared by everyone- but in 2018, it’s a dream under threat.

Recognising housing affordability issues should open co-ownership doors

There is almost universal agreement that housing affordability is a significant issue for many young (and plenty of not-so-young) Australians. Especially in our key capital cities.

How this Sydney native co-bought a holiday home with his four friends

Dreaming of a holiday home to escape the city on weekends, Ollie Lum and four friends bought a holiday home 3.5 hours north of Sydney in Seal Rocks.

Use co-ownership to lift your children onto the property ladder

Parents want the best for their children. So it's understandable that when they see their offspring struggling to obtain a foothold on the property ladder, they want to help.

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Protect your home & investment with the right insurance

Your home is your castle, and its contents are your treasure. Protecting it with the right insurance gives you peace of mind that, if you’re burgled or have a fire, storm damage, or other incident, you’ll be covered.

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